Acmispon americanus (Nutt.) Rydb. (syn: Acmispon aestivalis A.Heller; Acmispon americanum (Nutt.)Rydb. {Orthographic variant}; Acmispon elatus (Nutt.)Rydb.; Acmispon floribundus (Nutt.)A.Heller; Acmispon glabratus A.Heller; Acmispon gracilis A.Heller; Acmispon helleri (Britton)A.Heller; Acmispon helleri (Britton)Small; Acmispon mollis (Nutt.)A.Heller; Acmispon pilosus (Nutt.)A.Heller; Acmispon sericeus Raf.; Acmispon sparsiflorus A.Heller; Hosackia americana (Nutt.)Piper; Hosackia americana var. glabra (Nutt.)G.S.Torr.; Hosackia americana var. pilosa (Nutt.)Piper; Hosackia elata Nutt.; Hosackia elata var. glabra Nutt.; Hosackia floribunda Nutt.; Hosackia helleri (Britton)H.L.Blomq. & Oosting; Hosackia mollis Nutt.; Hosackia pilosa Nutt.; Hosackia purshiana Benth.; Hosackia sericea (Pursh)Branner & Coville; Hosackia unifoliolata Hook.; Lotus americanus (Nutt.)Bisch.; Lotus americanus var. glaber Jeps.; Lotus americanus var. minutiflorus Ottley; Lotus helleri Britton; Lotus purshianus (Lindl.)Ottley; Lotus purshianus var. glaber (Nutt.)Munz; Lotus purshianus var. helleri (Britton)Isely; Lotus purshianus var. minutiflorus Ottley; Lotus sericeus Pursh; Lotus unifoliolatus (Hook.)Benth.;Trigonella americana Nutt.);

Canada; Mexico(North & Central); United States as per Catalogue of Life;



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Acmispon americanus (Nutt.)Rydb., Fabaceae

Common names: American bird’s-foot trefoil, Spanish-clover
Erect annual herb with trifoliate leaves and pale pink to cream coloured flowers, clicked from Tahoe, California, August