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Location:  Kalimpong, WB, India
Date: 10 May 2018
Altitude: 4300 ft.
Habit : Cultivated.
Hoya sp. ID ??

what is the size of these leaves. utterly important is size and then the flowers esp their color

1.5-2 cm. It was not flowering at that time. 

probably Hoya Tsangii Bilobata but need flowers 

Hoya sulawesii  ??

It’s very difficult to say from leaves alone. A guess is that it could be Hoya incurvula but it could also be a species of Dischidia… without flowers it’s not possible to make a good identification.

it could be hoya brevialata ..

Dischidias are epiphytes, never seen them turn reddish. where as hoya does.

Could you finally nail the I’d as per the suggestions?

we may have to wait till it flowers. most likely.
ps til then please dont mark it complete 

is it a plant you have access to? or can it be bought and kept in the home or hot house etc? for it to bloom?

I shot it at a nursery in Kalimpong, India during my last visit.

wil they let you know when it flowers? if they still have it? or better still can you  ask if they wold sell it and how much. may be i will want to buy it and follow it. quite intriguing a plant 

I have asked one of my relatives to send images of flower once it blooms. Let us be hopeful.

Yes, appears more closer to images of hoya brevialata leaves, as suggested by …:
But can not be confirmed with these images.

Dischidia vidalii Becc. or Dischidia imbricata (Blume) Steud. ??



Same plant on 28 November 2019.

Attachments (1) – 6 mb.

Any resemblance …?

Yes, …, You seems to be right.

What is worrying me is that leaves of Dischidia vidalii look different at Flowers of India  World of Succulents  Flora fauna web 
There are hundreds of cultivars which are in cultivation.

Yes … So many cultivars!