Brassica tournefortii Gouan, Ill. Observ. Bot. 44 1773. (syn: Brassica sisymbrioides (Fisch. ex DC.) Grossh.; Brassica stocksii Hook.f. & Thomson; Brassica tournefortii var. dasycarpa O.E. Schulz; Brassica tournefortii var. leiocarpa Maire & Weiller; Brassica tournefortii var. recurvata Bornm.; Brassica tournefortii var. sisymbroides Fisch. ex DC.; Eruca erecta Lag.; Erucastrum minutiflorum Pau & Font Quer; Erucastrum tournefortii (Gouan) Link; Sinapis caspica Willd. ex Ledeb.);  



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Brassica tournefortii Gouan, Asian Mustard, Sahara Mustard
Syn: B. stocksii Hook.f & T.
Spreading branched annual herb with runcinate-pinnatifid basal and lower leaves, margins serrate-dentate, e hairy beneath, petiole 2-10 cm long, upper leaves successively smallerfew, oblong or linear, 10-30 mm long, 4-8 mm broad, dentate or entire. Racemes 10-20-flowered, lax, increasing up to 30 cm in fruit. Flowers 4-7 mm across, pale yellow; pedicel up to 6 cm long, increasing up to 20 mm in fruit , spreading. Sepals oblong, obtuse. Petals 4-6 mm long, oblong-obovate, apex rounded, pale yellowish, often with dark veins. Pods 3-7 cm long, torulose, seeds 6-12 in each locule, beak 1-2 cm, 1-seeded.
Photographed from Tierra Agrotech Farm, Gurugram, Haryana, January 26, 2020.   

Thanks, …, Why is it cultivated ? 

Edible Uses: Leaves and young shoots cooked; An edible oil is obtained from the seed[
Easting the plant has a gentle laxative effect due to its high content of fibre
The plant contains 3-methylsulfinylpropyl glucosinolate, which has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer of the lung, stomach, colon and rectum, with a possible reduction in endometrial and ovarian cancer and a decrease in total cancer incidence.
Tierra Agrotech Farm in Gurgaon has long term plan of improving Mustard crop, undertakes breeding of different species, and are growing various species including this one for trials.

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