Calceolaria integrifolia Murr. (syn: Calceolaria angustifolia Sweet (ambiguous synonym); Calceolaria ferruginosa Kunze ex Walp. & Schau.; Calceolaria robusta A. Dietr.; Calceolaria rugosa Ruiz & Pav. (ambiguous synonym); Calceolaria salviifolia Pers. (ambiguous synonym); Fagelia integrifolia (Murr.) Kuntze);   
Argentina (Neuquen), Chile (Bio Bio, Araucania, Los Lagos) as per Catalogue of Life;



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Calceolaria integrifolia Murray   

Common names:  Bush slipperwort   

Shrub native of Argentina and Chile, up to 180 cm tall with distinctly veined leaves with puckered texture and large two-lipped yellow flowers in clusters. 
Clicked from Filoli Garden California, June 22, 2019 



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