Haworthia attenuata (Haw.) Haw., Syn. Pl. Succ. 92 1812. (syn: Aloe attenuata Haw.; Aloe attenuata var. clariperla (Haw.) Salm-Dyck; Aloe attenuata var. minor Salm-Dyck; Aloe clariperla Schult. & Schult.f.; Aloe radula Ker Gawl. [Illegitimate]; Apicra attenuata (Haw.) Willd.; Catevala attenuata (Haw.) Kuntze; Catevala tisleyi (Baker) Kuntze; Haworthia argyrostigma Baker; Haworthia attenuata var. argyrostigma (Baker) A.Berger; Haworthia attenuata var. attenuata ; Haworthia attenuata var. britteniae Poelln.; Haworthia attenuata f. britteniana (Poelln.) M.B.Bayer; Haworthia attenuata var. britteniana (Poelln.) Poelln.; Haworthia attenuata f. caespitosa (A.Berger) Pilbeam; Haworthia attenuata var. caespitosa (A.Berger) R.S.Farden; Haworthia attenuata f. clariperla (Haw.) M.B.Bayer; Haworthia attenuata var. clariperla (Haw.) Baker; Haworthia attenuata var. clariperla (Haw.) M.B. Bayer; Haworthia attenuata var. deltoidea R.S.Farden; Haworthia attenuata var. inusitata R.S.Farden; Haworthia attenuata var. linearis R.S.Farden; Haworthia attenuata var. minissima R.S.Farden; Haworthia attenuata var. odonoghueana R.S.Farden; Haworthia attenuata var. uitewaaliana R.S.Farden; Haworthia britteniana Poelln.; Haworthia clariperla Haw.; Haworthia fasciata var. caespitosa A.Berger; Haworthia pumila subsp. attenuata (Haw.) Halda; Haworthia tisleyi Baker);
S. Cape Prov. as per WCSP;




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Location: Kalimpong, WB, India
Date:  27  November 2019 
Elevation: 1350m.
Habitat: Cultivated
Haworthiopsis fasciata (Willd.) G.D.Rowley ??
Syn :Haworthia fasciata (Willd.) Haw.

Yes, appears to be Haworthia fasciata as per images and references herein.

This has been uploaded as Haworthiopsis attenuata in FoI !

Yes Haworthia attenuata, as per differences given at Wikipedia

Seen in the nursery section.

Haworthia Species.

Resembles Aloe fasciata 

More likely to be Haworthia attenuata, as per differences given at Wikipedia

Yes … I agree with your id.



Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  WCSP (Haworthiopsis attenuata (Haw.) G.D.Rowley, Alsterworthia Int. 15(Apol.): 2 (2015).)  Wikipedia