Carpobrotus chilensis (Molina) N.E.Br., J. Bot. 66: 324 1928. (syn: Mesembryanthemum aequilaterale var. chiloense Haw. ex Salm-Dyck; Mesembryanthemum chilense Molina);
Argentina (Chubut), Chile (Antofagasta, Atacama, Coquimbo, Valparaiso, O’Higgins, Maule, Bio Bio, Araucania), Ecuador (I), Spain (I), Baleares (I), USA (I) (California (I), Oregon (I)), Mexico (I), Chatham Isl. (I) as per Catalogue of Life;


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Carpobrotus chilensis (Molina) N. E. Br.

Syn:  Mesembryanthemum chilense

Common Name: Sea Fig
Prostrate herb with succulent leaves, rounded-triangular in cross section, 4-7 cm long, flowers rose-magenta, 3-5 cm in diam, calyx lobes not dissimilar.
Clicked from Foster City, California.

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