Carpobrotus edulis (L.) N.E.Br., Gen. S. Afr. Fl. Pl. 249 1926. (syn: Abryanthemum edule (L.) Rothm.; Carpobrotus edulis var. chrysophthalmus C. D. Preston & P. D.
Sell; Carpobrotus edulis var. rubescens Druce; Mesembryanthemum edule L.; Mesembryanthemum edule var. flavum (L.) Moss);  
South Africa (N-Cape Prov., W-Cape Prov., E-Cape Prov.), Portugal (I), Spain
(I), Gibraltar (I), Baleares (I), France (I), Corsica (I), Sardinia (I), Malta
(I), Sicily (I), Italy (I), Greece (I), Crete (I), East Aegaean Isl. (I), Rhodos
(I), Cyprus (I), Lebanon / Syria (I), Israel / Jordania (I), Libya (I), Algeria
(I), Morocco (I), Tunisia (I), Belgium (I), England (I), France (I), Ireland
(I), Italy (I), Croatia (I), Montenegro (I), Albania (I), Australia (I) (Western
Australia (I), South Australia (I), Queensland (I), New South Wales (I),
Victoria (I), Tasmania (I)), New Zealand (I), Chatham Isl. (I), Argentina (I),
Uruguay (I), Bolivia (I), Azores (I) (Sao Miguel Isl. (I), Terceira (I),
Graciosa (I), Pico (I), Faial (I), Flores Isl. (I), Corvo Isl. (I)), Madeira (I)
(Madeira Isl. (I), Porto Santo Isl. (I)), Canary Isl. (I) (Lanzarote (I),
Fuerteventura (I), Gran Canaria (I), Tenerife (I), La Gomera (I), La Palma Isl.
(I)), Cape Verde Isl. (I) (Santo Antao Isl. (I), Fogo Isl. (I)), USA (I)
(California (I), Florida (I)), Mexico (I) (Baja California (I)), Mozambique (I)
as per Catalogue of Life;



Carpobrotus edulis from California-GS10022020-1 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)

Carpobrotus edulis (L.) N. E. Br.       
Mesembryanthemum edule L  
Common names: Hottentot-fig, Highway ice plant
Creeping herb with succulent leaves sharply 3-angled in cross section, flowers 8-10 cm in diam., yellow, aging to pink, two outer calyx lobes much longer than inner.
Clicked from Fremont, California,  



This was a single yellow flower in bloom, all the others had withered.

The earlier post could be the same as this.
But since I am not sure, posted it separately.

Taken in Sept, 2014 in Fremont.

Carpobrotus edulis I hope



These plants had no flowers blooming.

Taken in Sept, 2014 in Fremont.

Carpobrotus edulis, triangular leaves with one sharp edge is characteristic. 


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