Cercis canadensis L. (syn: Cercis canadensis var. typica M.Hopkins);
Argentina; Canada; Gruzia; Mexico(North & Central); Moldova; New
Zealand(North); New Zealand(South); Ukraine; United States
as per Catalogue of Life;



Cercis canadensis : Sacramento, California : 12FEB20 : AK-11 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Your posts from Fremont are inspiring me to go through my collection.
Taken at the Amtrack station in Sacramento during visit in Oct, 2014.
Hope the id is correct.

Yes …

Thanks for validating. There were no flowers, only pods.
The only time I’ve seen it flowering is in Srinagar.



Cercis candensis ‘Vanilla Twist’

Cultivar with pure white flowers.
Clicked from Reagan Nursery Fremont, California



Cercis, commonly known as Redbud is an interesting genus of deciduous trees in which flowers appear on trunk and main branches before leaves giving beautiful display. The important species can be distinguished as under:

1. Flowers in elongated racemes on long peduncles …………… 2
–  Flowers in umbellate clusters, peduncle scarcely visible …… 3
2. Raceme short, rachis less than 2 cm long, leaves glabrous or 
    sparsely pubescent in axils of veins, legume basally rounded and obtuse,  dorsal and ventral sutures unequal …… C. glabra
–   Racemes longer with up to 10 cm long rachis, leaves abaxially puberulent, densely hairy on veins; legume basally attenuate, dorsal and ventral sutures equal in length ……. C. racemosa
3. Leaves ovate-cordate to triangular, tip acute to acuminate, Fruit less than 15 mm broad ………. 4
–   Leaves rounded to reniform, apex often emarginate, fruit broader than 15 mm ………. 5    
4. Leaves with narrow translucent border, flowers 15-18 mm long … C. chinensis
–   Leaves without translucent border, flowers 6-12 mm long ……… C. canadensis
    (leaves dull green above, apex abruptly acuminate….var. canadensis; leaves glossy above, narrowly rounded or acutish at tip (glabrous
    beneath…var. texensis, pubescent beneath var. mexicana)
5. Leaves coriaceous to subcoriaceous, leaves less than 10 cm broad, flowers 10-15 mm long ………… C. occidentalis
–  Leaves thin, not coriaceous, broader than 10 cm, flowers 15-20 mm long ………… C. siliquastrum

Cercis canadensis var. canadensis from Fremont, California