Cakile maritima Scop., Fl. Carniol. ed. 2, 2: 35 1772. (syn; Bunias cakile L.; Bunias littoralis Salisb.;Cakile aegyptia Maire & Weiller; Cakile aegyptia var. australis (Coss. ex Loret & Barrandon)
Maire & Weiller; Cakile aegyptia var. hispanica (Jord.) Maire & Weiller; Cakile aegyptia var. latifolia (Desf.) Maire & Weiller; Cakile aegyptia var. susica (Maire, Weiller, & Wilczek) Maire
& Weiller; Cakile aegyptiaca Willd.; Cakile aegyptica (L.) Pignatti; Cakile crenata Jord.; Cakile cyrenaica Spreng.; Cakile hispanica Jord.; Cakile latifolia (Desf.) Poir.; Cakile littoralis Jord.; Cakile maritima subsp. aegyptiaca (Willd.) Nyman; Cakile maritima subsp. integrifolia (Hornem.) Greuter & Burdet; Cakile maritima var. latifolia Desf.; Cakile monosperma Lange; Cakile serapionis Gaertn.; Cakile sinuatifolia Stokes; Isatis aegyptica L.; Pteroneurum bipinnatum Rchb.; Rapistrum cakile (L.) Crantz; Rapistrum maritimum (Scop.) Bergeret ex DC.);  




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Cakile maritima Scop.                           
Common Name: European Searocket
Clump forming annual herb of sandy coasts, lobed fleshy green leaves, white to light purple flowers and segmented corky fruits, dispersed by water.
Clicked from Santa Cruz and 7 Miles drive, California.


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