Centaurea cineraria L., 912 1753. (syn: Acosta cineraria (L.) Holub; Acosta cinerea (Lam.) J. Holub; Centaurea candidissima Lam.; Centaurea cineraria (L.) Jacq. ex Nym. (ambiguous synonym); Centaurea cineraria subsp. cinerea (Lam.) Dostál (ambiguous
synonym); Centaurea cinerea Lam. (ambiguous synonym); Centaurea dealbata Moris ex Nym. (ambiguous synonym); Centaurea elegans Salisb. (ambiguous synonym); Centaurea prostrata Huet ex Nym. (ambiguous synonym); Galactites elegans (All.) Nym. ex A. Soldano (ambiguous synonym); Jacea cineraria (L.) Delarb.; Menomphalus cineraria Pomel; Staebe cineraria (L.) Hill);        

England, France, Baleares (Mallorca), Italy, Corsica, Australia (I) (South
Australia (I)), Bolivia (I), Cuba (I), Hispaniola (I)
as per Catalogue of Life;



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Centaurea cineraria L.

An interesting species which because of same common name “Dusty Miller” could be confused with Jacbaea maritima, but latter has broader leaf segments spread in single plane and yellow flower heads. The more closer species is Centarea gymnocara (often treated as synonym) with similar finely dissected leaves and similar purple heads, but are easily separated by involucre bracts which are narrower with suddenly narrowed fringed tip in C. gymnocarpa, broader with extended longer fringe.
Photographed from Fremont, California.