Ceratostigma ulicinum Prain, J. Bot. 44: 7 1906. ;

S-Tibet, Nepal as per Catalogue of Life;



ID request not Lithospermum but what? : 14 posts by 4 authors.

Date: 21/10/2019

Along Tarap Khola; central Nepal 3600m

next to footpath; non cultivated
Height; ca 25 cm
Leaves lanceolate, very prickly
blue flower with 5 petals
Flowering period: October

I tried in Boraginaceae, but it is different. 

Not getting any idea about the correct family.
Tried Campanulaceae, but could not find any match.

Resembles Plumbaginaceae member, 

Ceratostigma ulicinum Prain ??

Hoping you’re right …, 

Yes, it resembles Ceratostigma,

Thanks, … Thanks, you have finally nailed the id as per High resolution specimen  GBIF  POWO FoC illustration  Checklist of Nepal  Flora of China

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