I am pleased to share that I have got one more opportunity to represent efloraofindia among a galaxy of plant taxonomists from various parts of India as well as from various prestigious institutions throughout the world like Royal Botanical Garden, Kew; Natural History Museum, London, Edinburgh Herbarium etc. during International Symposium on Plant taxonomy and Ethnobotany organised by Botanical Survey of India, Kolkata, February 13-14, 2020.
It was an excellent programme, and a wonderful experience to listen to stalwarts of Indian taxonomy. I am specially happy to personally meet a few of our friends of efloraofindia, namely Tapas Ji, Subhashish Panda Ji, Suchanda Dutta Ji, Subir Bandopadhaya Ji  along with many friends from BSI. One of our youngest members, Ashutosh Sharma also presented his paper, and he got the opportunity to interact with the scientific fraternity  gathered there.
Lastly, we got a chance of visiting Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden, where a co-incidence awaited us…the first ever fruit from Lodoicea maldivica (of the garden, in India we can say) fell down from the palm and we could see the excitement among the scientists, who will now try to germinate the seeds to enhance the Indian population of this tree…(though a distant dream, as the seed may remain dormant for up to 10 years, after ripening)..
We also made a short visit to the richest Herbarium of India, the Central National Herbarium, BSI, Howrah, Kolkata.
I am sharing my presentation (pdf version), as well as few pics recorded during the entire stay.
Thanks Garg Ji for giving me opportunity to interact on behalf of efloraofindia.

Missed this one, I am pleased to share.. 

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Great experience and opportunity Nidhan sir!

Thanks a lot, Nidhan ji, for wonderful efforts and presentation. 
This is the 3rd time you have presented efloraofindia to the taxonomic fraternity. 

It will go a long way in making efloraofindia popular among the taxonomists.

Excellent presentation Nidhan ji. Congrats Garg ji and Nidhan ji for great efforts to showcase efloraofindia at an International Forum. Very well done Nidhan ji. I am sure it will go a long way in popularizing our database. 

This is indeed very well done. Even I was not aware of some of those online platforms you have mentioned on the presentation.
Thank you for your efforts.

Presentation is now available at File section of efi site (as earlier presentations) at
Congratulations. Also thank for reporting the event.

I was waiting for this information from Nidhan Ji.

It was a big opportunity to showcase the contribution of eFI in a gathering of hard core taxonomists and Nidhan Ji capitalized on it. 
Congratulations Nidhan Ji for successful presentation; the taxonomists not aware of eFI must have been amazed by the wealth of information available in eFI. 
Any suggestions from hardcore taxonomists? Some of them are very critical on such virtual/ pictorial floras and identification of plants by images only.
Thank you Nidhan ji for placing the endeavor of eFI in this ambiance of knowledgeable audience.

Great job, Nidhan Sir! Thanks for sharing the pics and PPT.

I missed attending this important event, and also a chance to meet you in person. 
But we have a long way to go, and someday we will meet for sure.

Great job.

Thank you Nidhan sir !

Thank you Nidhan ji, once again.

I am grateful to the Director, BSI for giving me the opportunity to meet so many Taxonomists after a long time as well as meeting some of them for the first time. It was indeed a rare occasion.

Thank you very much Nidhan ji for sharing the presentation and your moments with respected personalities.
Very glad to see through your presentation that eFI has come a long way among the other evolving online Flora sites.
Let us all strongly hope that eFI remains in forefront when it comes to enriching the global database.

Thanks a lot everyone for your nice words..it was really a nice experience to be there and interact with many experts..

Thanks Sushain Ji, Saroj Ji, Garg Ji, Gurcharan Sir, Pankaj Ji and Mahadeswara Ji for compliments..
Thanks Rawat Ji for encouraging words.. during post presentation discussions with some delegates, I came to know that researchers from Kew and NHM, London have already come across efI on many occasions, and indirectly they have interacted on our forum..
One of the suggestion was to shift on our own domain in the form of an independent website.. here I can say that the activities on this website should be kept as such, and the corrected database may be uploaded on independent website..
Ritesh Ji, I would have been happier to meet you there, but as you have said, we will personally meet in days to come, many chances exist for such gatherings in future too..
Tapas Ji, I was really happy to share some moments with you, missed you on the second day though, but the brief meeting was full of affection, thanks..
Thanks a lot Dinesh Ji for your compliments..!!💐💐!!

Thank you Nidhan Ji for further information including suggestions. I agree with you in this that normal routine activity should remain as such while updated and rectified database may be shifted to own domain; though it is a marathon task and we are lacking in the task force.

Thanks, Rawat ji and Nidhan ji,
I think we require a team of say 5 to 10 individuals, who can dedicate the rest of their life for this cause.

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