How to access recent publications ? : 12 posts by 2 authors.

As our work get more and more finer, we need to access recent publications which we come across in net search, but unable to get their pdfs.
Earlier I have tried this by becoming a member of Springer,
I had a very good experience recently wit Academia. I think it is easy as one can become a member with ones’ gmail or facebook id and than access the publications by logging in and moving these to liberary section in Academia.
Is there any other way ?

Try Google Scholar and Researchgate as well.

I tried research gate, but they only send request to the authors

They ask for Company name or Company email!

Try this one!  

I am unable to understand what you need? Do you need some articles?

If yes then please send me the citation.
If you wish to put efloraofindia pdf on researchgate then yes you can create a profile, or if you want I can create a profile for you to operate.

Thanks, … How to able to access pdfs of recent publications as and when you require ?

When I try a researchgate they ask for either company name or company email.

You can ask me, if possible I will get them for you.

Other way would be to write to the authors.
Third way is to follow … advice.

How to access the papers here ?

I searched for one publication and got it. Even log in or membership is not required.
Thanks, …
Hi, …,
Pl. try this. You won’t get much in research gate.

Please also remember that it would be illegal to keep that paper online on efloraofindia as a link for everyone to open. Many of these journals charge for sending you the pdf.

Thanks, … We will not have to share such publications in public groups, as we are genrally doing so far.
If required by somebody, we can share in personal mails.

Yes, I agree with … opinion.