Afghanistan; Algeria; Botswana; Chad; Egypt; Ethiopia; India; Libya; Mali;
Mauritania; Namibia; Niger; Pakistan; Saudi Arabia; Senegal; Sudan; Yemen
as per Catalogue of Life;

India (N); Delhi ; Gujarat; Haryana; Madhaya Pradesh; Punjab; Rajasthan and other countries as per ILDIS;

Indigofera sp.

(Indigofera sessiliflora DC.?).

This one is a branching silvery herb with dense axillary inflorescences. I hope that I have identified it rightly as I. sessiliflora DC. 
Please help to confirm its identity.
Photos taken in Aug. and Sept. 2019
Rewari, Haryana.

Thanks, Yogesh ji, for the wonderful presentation.
To me also appears close as per Flora of Pakistan and FoP illustration
However, Flora of Pakistan and Florabase gives leaflets 5-7, but I see up to 9 leaflets.
Pl. also see specimen at GBIF
I think there are 3 leaflets also. There may be 9 leaflet specimens also. Pl. check.

Thanks a lot respected … for appreciating…

Thankyou so much … for nice words. I have checked a few specimens on GBIF as you suggested and found that some specimens also have 9 leaflets. So my posted species matches to I. sessiliflora DC.

yes, it is sessiliflora