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I am yet to know the name of the fruit.
Location Rajnagar, Kumarghat, Tripura
Kindly help me to know the name of the fruit.

Was it cultivated or wild ?
Is it the ripe fruit ?

It is wild. The fruit is ripe

It is Canistel fruit. Pouteria campeciania
grows in India. see wikipidia for Pouteria campeciania 

I agree with … I send you my picture of Pouteria campechiana

Thank you … Is it sold in markets? do people like it?

Thank you very much
Pouteria campechiana is introduced to India and it is cultivated mostly in Kerala.
Pouteria grandiflora is reported from Mizoram (a neighbour to Tripura) but it is endemic to Brazil.
My specimen is kept under Chrysophyllum on efloraindia.
It may not be Pouteria campechiana 

I think the specific epithet is campechiana not campeciana

I finally got it. Thanks to the clues by …
It is Xantolis assamica as per Research Gate GBIF  GBIF specimen 



Re: Chrysophyllum roxburghii? : 5 posts by 3 authors. 5 images.
This is from Pechartal Tripura

Looks different from images at Chrysophyllum roxburghii

Does have the appearance of Chrysophyllum..
The fruits that I have seen are a bit more rounded, with 5 seeds, which are some what flattened…
Just to check, did the fruit have sticky latex?
The specimen I have seen have narrower leaves. 
But, the fruit and leaf shape could be local variation…
The fruits are edible, with a white, somewhat starchy taste. 

the leaf veins do not match whats on the net. in your leaves the secondary veins form acute angles, where as in the link…. they are almost perpendicular to the primary vein.

Xantolis assamica (C.B.Clarke) P.Royen as per another thread: Chrysophyllum or something from Sapotaceae

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