Leontopodium ochroleucum Beauverd, 146 1914. (syn: Antennaria leontopodina DC.; Gnaphalium leontopodium var. subalpinum Ledeb.; Leontopodium alpinum var. debile Beauv.; Leontopodium alpinum var. hedinianum Beauv.; Leontopodium alpinum var. subalpinum Ledeb.; Leontopodium fischerianum Beauv.; Leontopodium leontopodinum Hand.-Mazz.; Leontopodium melanolepis Ling);
China (Qinghai, Xinjiang), Tibet, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Siberia (W-Siberia, C-Siberia), Afghanistan (Badakshan, Wakhan, Kunar / Nuristan, Parwan), Pakistan (Chitral, Swat, Hazara), Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit, Baltistan, Hunza), Jammu & Kashmir (Hunza, Nubra, Ladakh, Zanskar, Kashmir), ?Sikkim, India (Himalayas) as per Catalogue of Life;


Leontopodium ID help : 12 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
Location : Zara Valley, Ladakh

Elevation : approx. 5000m.
Date : 3 August 2020
Habit : Dry rock slope

Please check Leontopodium !

May I request you to pl. post high resolution image to see the details.

Could not find a match as per comparative images at Leontopodium

Appears similar to the plant at Leontopodium species- Mt. Kailash parikrama

Leontopodium nanum ??

Leontopodium in Ladakh is quite a mess for me, but this plant can be called Leontopodium leontopodinum or perhaps L. ochroleucum, though some authors regard them as synonyms.

I guess close to Leontopodium ochroleucum as suggested by …

Thanks, …, Going by keys in Flora of China, we may go for Leontopodium ochroleucum Beauverd

Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra::Wild flower for ID NSJ-OCT 16/23- 2 : 2 posts by 1 author.
Wild flower for ID – a tiny herb. Photo taken during Mt. Kailsah parikrama approximate height 15000 feet. Aug 2016.

Clearly a Leontopodium but this is yet another difficult genus. My understanding of the genus is strictly limited – I have quite a number of images from the NW Himalaya/Indian Trans-Himalaya that I am uncertain about.
Cannot suggest likely species at this stage.  Would be delighted if others can. 

comparative images of Leontopodium species so far in efi

Appears close to Leontopodium ochroleucum Beauverd as per Leontopodium ID help


Asteraceae Fortnight Part 2-Discoid Heads: Leontopodium brachyactis for validation from Valley of Flowers- NS 37 : Attachments (4). 3 posts by 2 authors.
This one is Leontopodium brachyactis (if only my id is right) shot from near Hemkunt Sahib during VOF tour last year.. please validate..

Very good photographs …

Thanks Sir for liking and confirming…

To me appears more closer to … images at Leontopodium leontopodinum (DC.) Hand.-Mazz. rather than those at Leontopodium brachyactis Gand.

Images by D S Rawat (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details, click on the links)



Leontopodium leontopodinum (DC.) Hand.Mazz. (Asteraceae) photographed in Bhagwabasa, Roopkund area (Chamoli) Uttarakhand. 4300m altitude.

Can it be Leontopodium ochroleucum Beauverd rather than Leontopodium leontopodinum (DC.) Hand.Mazz. as per keys in Flora of China
although Flora of Pakistan considers former to be a syn. of later.

This plant is  Leontopodium ochroleucum Beauverd  
Both floras mentioned by you consider L. leontopodinum as synonym of this species. Leontopodium leontopodioides (given in Flora of China) is a completely different species.
World Flora Online 2020  (http://www.worldfloraonline.org/taxon/wfo-0000080700) accept Lentopodium leontopodinum as correct name.
Plants of the World 2019 (http://plantsoftheworldonline.229643-1#synonyms)  considere Leontopodium ochroleucum as correct name.
Catalogue of Life 2019 (http://www.catalogueoflife.org/details/species/) consider Leontopodium ochroleucum as correct name. Indian literature (Uniyal et al. 2007; Pusalkar & Singh 2012; Karthikeyan et al. 2009 ) have used the name L. leontopodinum as correct name.
So, it is up to us which database we follow. Accordingly the correct name can be used. 

Thanks, Rawat ji.
In fact there are two species with the same name but different author citations:
Leontopodium leontopodioides (Willdenow) Beauverd as an accepted species as per Flora of China.
And L. leontopodinum (Candolle) Handel-Mazzetti as a syn. of Leontopodium ochroleucum Beauverd as per Flora of China.


Ladakh, August 2022 :: Leontopodium for validation :: ARK2022-170: 3 high res. images.
This was en route Chang la from Pangong tso, Ladakh in August 2022.
I think this is Leontopodium nanum. Requested to please validate

Leontopodium nanum (Hook.fil. & Thomson) Hand.-Mazz. ??

I think it looks different as per keys in Flora of Pakistan.
Pl. check with images at Leontopodium ochroleucum Beauverd (Leontopodium leontopodinum (DC.) Hand.-Mazz. as per POWO)
To me appears close.

There was another set right next to these, but which looked different and hence I thought them to be a different species.
Posting them now for comparison or reference
3 high res. images.

The second set looks Leontopodium ochroleucum Beauverd !

I thought both these sets were different, but both of them seem to be Leontopodium ochroleucum




Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  World Flora Online  GCC  IPNI  GBIF (High resolution specimens) Flora of China  Flora of Pakistan  

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