Salvia santolinifolia Boiss., Diagn. Pl. Orient. 5: 13 1844. (syn: Pleudia santolinifolia (Boiss.) M.Will);
Iran to NW. India as per WCSP;
Afghanistan; Iran; Pakistan
as per Catalogue of Life;
Common name: Santolina Sage

Salvia santolinifolia for validation : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)

This plant was seen in Bera, Rajasthan in February 2020, growing in rocky patches at the edge of agricultural fields.
It appears to be Salvia santolinifolia Boiss. Please confirm.

I guess correct ID !

Thanks, …, for the superb posting and a wonderful addition.
It appears to match as per details at
Specimen1  Specimen 2 in GBIF  POWO FoP illustration Eureka  Austin  Pinterest  WCSP (Iran to NW. India)  Flora of Pakistan  Catalogue of Life (Pleudia santolinifolia (Boiss.) M.Will, N.Schmalz & Class.-Bockh.)


Salvia santalinifolia: 3 images.
So I am told. Please verify.
Small plant, tiny flower evident against fingers. Erect plant is no taller than 20 cm.

Savarkundla Gujarat 05072021

It is on the site now:
Permanent link: flowersofindia

And the name needs correction to Salvia santolinifolia

Any image showing vegetative part?

6 images.

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