Orobanche cernua var. pseudoclarkei S.M.H.Jafri ;
Pakistan, India as per Catalogue of Life;


Is this Orobanche cernua var. desertorum? : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5) + Attachments (2)
Seen on the sides of mustard and wheat fields in Bera, Rajasthan, February 2020.
Not sure if it is Orobanche cernua Loefl. var. desertorum C.Beck., Orobanchaceae. There were no tobacco plantations in the area.
Please confirm

Thanks, …, for the wonderful presentation.
Keys in Flora of Pakistan are as below:
1 Scapes thick, 1.5-2 cm broad; spikes dense, short Orobanche cernua var. nepalensis
+ Scapes less than 1 cm broad; spikes elongated, somewhat lax below (2)
2 (1) Calyx lateral segments 2-fid with equal pair of teeth   Orobanche cernua var. cernua
+ Calyx lateral segments 2 fid to entire, often with unequal pair of teeth   Orobanche cernua var. pseudo-clarkei
I am unable to see the calyx properly. Pl. check.
As per Catalogue of life, Orobanche cernua var. nepalensis DC. is a syn. of Orobanche cernua var. desertorum G.Beck with no distribution in India.
However, Catalogue of life gives distribution of Orobanche cernua var. pseudoclarkei S.M.H.Jafri in India.

Thank you …
Attaching a couple of cropped images. To me the calyx teeth seem slightly unequal.
Unable to upload full size images on e flora.
Attachments (2) – 1 mb each.

Thanks, …, for the wonderful details.
We may keep it as Orobanche cernua var. pseudoclarkei for the time being.

Thank you …, this is very useful.

I posted this plant on iNaturalist and two people suggested that it is Phelipanche ramosa. Please see what you think.

Here is the link

I could not find its distribution in our area and in nearby areas as per POWO and CoL.

I do not know the credentials of Blue_celery.
In view, it is better to go for earlier id till some experts from our area say something else.

According to the CoL, it is  introduced in Nepal. So there could be a possibility for India as well.

This will help: CABI

yes according to the link it is present in India.

Should I keep it as Phelipanche ramosa now?

I really don’t know … It is ambiguous and maybe it can be left as such. With only photos to go on we can’t always arrive at definitive answers.


Identify the Orobanche sp.?: 2 high res. images.
Habitat- Herb, 20-30cm height.

Common weed in field of mustards/parasite on Mustard crop
Date- 26/12/2021
Loc- Kota Rajasthan

It appears close to images at Orobanche cernua var. pseudoclarkei S.M.H.Jafri



Catalogue of Life  GBIF (High resolution specimens) Flora of Pakistan  FOP illustration  IBIS Flora

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