Posting Guidelines have been modified so that posted attachment size is 150 KB or more (with minimum size of 1000 by 800 pixels or more).
However, members are requested to post as big size as possible in pixels by keeping file size up to say 1 Mb. This we have realised through postings of …, whose postings offer minute details for correct identification.
This is being done so that we can see proper details, for proper identification. Earlier allowed size was 150 KB or less (with minimum size of 800 by 600 pixels or more), which was set around 12 years ago, when data speed was a big issue.
Hope everybody complies with this in future.

Thanks for updating …

With best wishes to developing more EFI.

Is there any problem with big size? Does Google group do have problems with bigger size or do we have to pay for if the Size of whole group files increase beyond the limit?

No problem, …
Except, Google groups allow attachment of upto 8 mb at a time.

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