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Location:  Phedi, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur
Date: 6 July 2019
Elevation:  2098 m.
Habit : Wild

Any idea about family or genus pl. ?
I failed to get any idea from images in efi site.

spore print?


I think some Boletaceae member as per comparative images herein.

Leccinum crocipodium

Leccinum generally has rough stipe with small projections which is missing in this Boletaceae. Check for Suillus species

What are the species of Suillus listed in your book ?

Thanks, …,
Listing here for keeping it on genus page, for future references:
Suillus aeruginascens
Suillus asiaticus
Suillus bovinus
Suillus cavipes
Suillus granulates
Suillus himalayana
Suillus laricinus
Suillus placidus
Suillus sibiricus
Suillus viscidus

Seems an odd ball.
Suillus would have been my guess too but, if I am not mistaken there is some bluish bruising on the stipe.
It could be Hortiboletus then.