SK 2530 12 March 2020 – Mycophyta : 7 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)- around 650 kb each. 

Location :  Thula Khet, Pokhara, Nepal 
Date: 10 August 2017
Elevation : 800 m.

Habitat : Wild 

Pl. check comparative images at Order Polyporales

Favolus sp? But does not look like matching with 2 sp. listed F. canadensis and tenuicolus

Looks different from Favolus species.
May be something like Microporellus species ?- Delhi

Did not find mention in the book about this sp.

May be Picipes sp.
I can’t open the images due to very slow internet here!  Sorry.

All your collections are very interesting sir.
You must make notes on their color, habitat, smell, taste(taste nibble spit, don’t try to swallow), hymenium surface, spore color.
I have no access to sequencing facilities right now. I’ld have rather been interested in working on your specimens up to species level.

It is not in the list !