Chenopodium nutans (R.Br.) S.Fuentes & Borsch (syn: Chenopodium triangulare var. convolvulinum (Murr) Maiden &
E.Betche; Chenopodium triangulare subsp. convolvulinum Murr; Einadia nutans (R.Br.) A.J.Scott; Rhagodia chenopodioides Moq. (ambiguous synonym); Rhagodia nutans R.Br.; Rhagodia nutans var. fallacina Domin);

Australia (Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales,
Victoria, Tasmania), Lord Howe Isl., New Caledonia, Israel (I) (N-Negev Desert
(I)), Canary Isl. (I) (Tenerife (I), La Palma Isl. (I)), NE-Spain (I), South
Africa (I) (North-West Prov. (I), E-Cape Prov. (I))
as per Catalogue of Life;



Plants From Australia 2018:: Einadia nutans-NS April 2020-09

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