Justicia floribunda (C. Koch) Wassh., Darwiniana 35: 151 1998. (syn: Ecbolium pauciflorum (Nees) Kuntze; Jacobinia pauciflora (Nees) Benth. & Hook.fil.; Jacobinia pauciflora (Nees) Lindau; Justicia pauciflora (Nees) Griseb. (ambiguous synonym); Justicia rizzinii D.C.Wassh.; Libonia floribunda C.Koch; Sericographis pauciflora Nees; Sericographis pauciflora var. speciosior Nees);    

SE-Brazil (Sao Paulo), Argentina (Misiones), S-Brazil (Parana, Rio Grande do
Sul, Santa Catarina), Bolivia (c)
as per Catalogue of Life;

Please find some pics, recorded from Royal Botanical Garden, Melbourne..
Jacobinia pauciflora..


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