Dombeya tiliacea (Endl.) Planch., Fl. Serres Jard. Eur. 6: 225 1851. (syn: Assonia natalensis (Sond.) Kuntze; Assonia tiliacea (Endl.) Kuntze; Dombeya dregeana Sond.; Dombeya gracilis K.Schum.; Dombeya natalensis Sond.; Leeuwenhoeckia tiliacea E.Mey.; Xeropetalum tiliaceum Endl.);
South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal, E-Cape Prov.) as per Catalogue of Life;





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This shrub was recorded from Melton Botanical Garden, Victoria..
Dombeya tiliacea

Dombeya Species seen at the garden with white flowers.

Dombeya tiliacea (Endl.) Planch. ??

Difficult to say with these images.
In fact Dombeya species are quite confusing.
Pl. see Dombeya
Yes, Dombeya tiliacea is possible.

Thanks … I completely agree with you, that the images are not up to the mark.

May be that’s why I did not post them earlier.
Let me check if I have more pictures.

I could find more pictures from my other camera.

Hope these help.
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References: Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  SANBI 

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