Leucocoprinus birnbaumii (Corda) Singer, 1962 (syn: Agaricus aureus F.M.Bailey, 1913; Agaricus birnbaumii Corda, 1839; Agaricus cepistipes (misapplied name); Agaricus luteus Bolton, 1788; Bolbitius birnbaumii (Corda) Sacc. & Traverso, 1910; Lepiota aurea Massee, 1912; Lepiota cepistipes var. lutea (Bolton) Sacc., 1887; Lepiota lutea (Bolton) Mattir., 1897 (ambiguous synonym); Lepiota lutea var. aurantiofloccosa A.H.Sm. & P.M.Rea, 1944; Lepiota lutea var. lutea (Bolton) Mattir., 1897; Lepiota pseudolicmophora Rea, 1922; Leucocoprinus birnbaumii var. birnbaumii (Corda) Singer, 1962; Leucocoprinus birnbaumii var. salvadorianus Raithelh., 1987; Leucocoprinus luteus (Bolton) Locq., 1945) ?;



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Location :  Suryabinayak
Date: 09 August 2016
Elevation : 1500m.
Habitat : Wild

May be some Coprinus species.

Leucocoprinus birnbaumii ?? 

Leucocoprinus sp. 

Family – Agaricaceae 
But this is unmatured one, no annulus visible and also gills are not opened so can’t say about species… 

Looks only matching to this sp. from same type of immature images.

What is the difference between Coprinus and Leucocoprinus ?
May I request you to pl. have a look at these pages for any wrong identification.

About Coprinus it was very larger genera before 2001 but recently on basis of molecular phylogenetic investigation most of the species of Coprinus were reclassified into three generas Coprinellus, Coprinopsis, and Parasola of Psathyrellaceae
And all these three generas along with Coprinus are collectively called as Coprinoid mushroom. 
So Coprinus comatus is the most common species now in this genus found in India… 
More details can be found here
So Leucocoprinus and Coprinus are both under Agaricaceae and thus are more closely related than other coprinoids in Coprinellus, Coprinopsis, and Parasola genera… 
Leucocoprinus is characterised by its white gills appearance as its name defines, softly granular-powdery cap and near bald stipe with annulus… 
I have also corrected the misidentified specimens under Coprinus page… 

Thank you … for the enlightenment.
What about the ID ?

i have already commented about id… 

Leucocoprinus sp. 

Family – Agaricaceae 
May be Leucocoprinus birnbaumii but this is unmatured one, no annulus visible and also gills are not opened so can’t say with surity…



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