Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica (Rchb.f.) H.R.Sweet, Amer. Orchid Soc. Bull. 38: 36 1969. (syn: Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica f. flava O.Gruss; Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana var. hieroglyphica Rchb.f.; Polychilos hieroglyphica (Rchb.f.) Shim);

Philippines as per WCSP;


Orchid for ID : Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, USA : 07APR20 : AK-30 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (7)

Orchids seen at the Conservatory in ABG during my visit in October, 2018. 
Looks close to Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica on the link…

Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica ?? 

Yes mam, this looks like Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica.