Now we are able to tell the world : 8 posts by 4 authors.
Now we have ‘Database of Plants of Indian Subcontinent- developed by the members of the Efloraofindia Google Group’ written at the top on all the pages. Earlier we had it only on the home page, which many may not be visiting or aware.
This shows to all the world, how constructive a Google group can be and how members of this group can make the largest database seen so far anywhere in the globe, with original ideas and thinking, without hardly a paisa being spent and without carrying any advertising etc. 

Kudos to you Garg ji, and to all of eFI !!
Many many thanks for your incessant efforts to maintain the growth of eFI, and to all the members for their selfless contributions.

Nice thought, very good job Garg ji

It is a moment of great pride for all of us. 

Thanks Garg for all hard work ans leading from the front.

It now shows a wider coverage of land than intended in the name. We are crossing all barriers…sky is the limit.

The text Garg Ji mentioned is, I think, with logo (red Butea flower) which I am not able to read in mobile screen but I suppose it will be clearly visible in desktops or laptops.

My salutations to all contributors, particularly to Garg Ji for leading this success story.

Yes Mr. Garg! It is indeed a great contribution from efi to the world and one of the 

main background is your tireless efforts ! Congratulations to all members!

Really inexpressible salute to your deliberation and for great feat Garg Ji, and I am grateful to  everyone who shared their knowledge continuously without selfless, my self more equipped with this database, thank you so much to everyone and primarily head of the database,