Dendrobium mohlianum Rchb.f., Bot. Zeitung (Berlin) 20: 214 1862. (syn: Dendrobium neoebudanum Schltr.; Dendrobium vitellinum Kraenzl.; Pedilonum neoebudanum (Schltr.) Rauschert; Pedilonum vitellinum (Kraenzl.) Rauschert);
Solomon Islands to SW. Pacific as per POWO;

Orchids seen at the Conservatory in ABG during my visit in October, 2018.

Cant see the flower clearly, but obviously a Dendrobium.

Thanks … Some of the flowers were not at close range.

It is not easy to say because there is no Dendrobium in America and this is at a garden.

If I have to guess I would say: Dendrobium apertum

I seem to have missed replying earlier.
…, thanks for the suggested id.
Can we check with Dendrobium mohlianum?
Just a suggested id.

For sure it is not Dendrobium apertum, it was just a guess.

For Dendrobiums I need to get an idea about the size to come to something conclusive
I can agree that your flowers looks close to Dendrobium mohlianum, the colour of the flower, sheathed stem, incurved margin of the labellum match well.
Well done!!

It was a guess work for both of us as we had no clue.
Glad I could find it.
It was difficult to go near each plant and also spend more time at the Conservatory.