Stenocarpus sinuatus (A. Cunn.) Endl., Gen. Pl. Suppl. 4(2): 88 1848. (syn: Agnostus sinuatus (Loud.) A.Cunn.; Cybele sinuata (Loud.) Kuntze; Stenocarpus cunninghami Hook.; Stenocarpus sinuosus F.Müll.; Stenocarpus sinuosus var. integrifolius F.Müll.; Stenocarpus sinuosus var. latifolius F.Müll.; Stenocarpus sinuosus var. sectus F.Müll.);

Australia (NE-Queensland to NE-New South Wales), SE-New Guinea as per Catalogue of Life;


Plants From Australia 2018:: Stenocarpus sinuatus-NS April 2020-54 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5) – around 800 kb each.

This tree was recorded from RBG, Melbourne..
Stenocarpus sinuatus..



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