Asplenium decrescens Kunze, Linnaea 24: 261 1851.;
SW. India, Sri Lanka as per POWO;
India (Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu), Sri Lanka as per Catalogue of Life;

Epiphytes or terrestrials with erect rhizome 2 x 2 cm. Scales 6-7 x 0.8-0.9 mm, lanceolate, linear, dark brown, clathrate, rounded to cordate at base, long acuminate, gland tipped at apex. Fronds 30-35 x 10 cm, simply pinnate; stipe 10-15 cm long, dark brownish to black, scaly and hairy; pinnae 5-6 x 1.5-2 cm, rhomboidal in outline, deeply lobed, lobes incised, coriaceous, larger pinnae in the middle, terminal pinnae dissimilar, smaller; veins forked. Sori 5-10 mm long, linear, yellowish to brown, along the costa, indusia linear, yellowish translucent. Sporangial capsule 187.5 x 150 µm, subglobose, stalk 375-500 µm long. Spores 45 x 25 µm, yellowish, elliptic or planoconvex to reniform with thickly folded perine.
Growing in semi-evergreen and evergreen forests
(Attributions- K. P. Rajesh as per India Biodiversity Portal)

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Asplenium decrescens Kunze wild small fern from Western Ghats Tamilnadu 


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