Bulbophyllum corolliferum J.J.Sm., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg II, 25: 80 1917. (syn: Bulbophyllum corolliferum var. purpureum (Ridl.) J.J.Sm.; Bulbophyllum curtisii (Hook.f.) J.J.Sm. [Illegitimate]; Bulbophyllum curtisii var. purpureum (Ridl.) J.J.Sm.; Cirrhopetalum concinnum var. purpureum Ridl.; Cirrhopetalum curtisii Hook.f.; Cirrhopetalum curtisii var. lutescens Garay; Cirrhopetalum curtisii var. purpureum (Ridl.) Garay);

Pen. Thailand to W. Malesia as per WCSP;

Borneo; Malaya; Sumatera; Thailand as per Catalogue of Life;

Orchids seen at the Conservatory in ABG during my visit in October, 2018.  

Again, not sure what it is.
I seem to have only this picture.

Bulbophyllum ??

This looks so much like Bulbophyllum corolliferum.


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