Phlegmariurus niligaricus (Spring) A.R.Field & Bostock, PhytoKeys 20: 44, 2013 (syn: Huperzia hilliana (Nessel) Holub; Huperzia niligarica (Spring) Dixit; Lycopodium niligaricum Spring; Phlegmariurus hillianus (Nessel) A.R.Field & Bostock; Phlegmariurus niligaricus (Spring) A.R.Field & Testo; Urostachys hillianus Nessel);
SW. India, Sri Lanka as per POWO (Huperzia niligarica (Spring) R.D.Dixit);
India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka), Sri Lanka as per Catalogue of Life;


Lycopodium SN12420a : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1) – 4 mb.
Huperzia nilagirica epiphytic wild fern Herbarium specimen.

Yes – this is an uncommon species and one of the South Indian endemics.




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