Agaricus trisulphuratus Berk., 1885 (syn: Cystoagaricus trisulphuratus (Berk.) Singer, 1947; Fungus trisulfuratus (Berk.) Kuntze, 1898);



Colorful litte umbrellas dot our farm trails. Only these are provided by nature. 
(Hope .. identifies this mushroom. Till then it will be called “Marigold mushroom” 🙂 Guess its not one of those Amanita kinds..) 
Pileus Diameter, Shape color, heigth: 9cms, Plain, Orange-Marigold, 8-10cms
Gill attachment: Appears to be free or  sinuate
Stipe characteristics : Equal
Annual ring: faintly visible ? 
Chandagal Village
Areca coconut farm
07 Nov 2010

Pholiota flammans their colour vary from bright yellow to some what orange ..

Many of the taxonomy description of this mushroom go well together with Pholiota flammans. Thanks .., as always.  Wiki Ref:
Pholiota flammans often has a striking appearance.  [OK]
The cap is initially round, then convex and finally flattening with age.  [OK]
Its surface is bright yellow to orange, and covered with triangular scales (squamules) arranged in concentric rings. [OK]  
triangular scales (squamules) arranged in concentric rings -faintly visible/blurr in my pictures. Sorry, I could not capture these finer details, My camera focus system has stopped working from an year, just managing the show.
The cap surface is dry, matt and felt-like, and in wet conditions may lose scales. [OK]
The cap margin remain curved slightly inwards. [~OK]
The yellow gills are crowded together, attached to the stem, and have a notch
where the gill attaches to the stem.[9 . [OK] ]
A bright yellow partial veil extending from the cap edge to the edge is present in immature species. As the cap expands and flattens with age, the partial veil tears, leaving a faint ring around the stem.[OK]  
The cylindrical straight or curved stem is itself covered in yellow squamules below the ring.[OK] 
The base of the stem, typically more orange in color than the upper portion,[9] [OK]
is firmly attached to the dead wood from which the fungus arises. [Solitary mushroom growing along the leaf litter.  No trees were found near by for atleast 5-8 meters] The section of stem above the ring bears little or no protuberances. The flesh is firm, full, yellow and does not change color when bruised or injured. The dimensions of the fruit body are as follows: cap diameter up to 8 cm (3.1 in), [I have mentioned 9cms [OK] ] 
stem up to 12 cm (4.7 in) tall [I have written 8-10cms] and between 0.4 to 1 cm (0.2 to 0.4 in) cm thick.[12] [OK]
As the fruit body matures, the gills darken to cinnamon brown following sporerelease. The spore mass is colored brown to rust. Unknown edibility. Majority consider indedible [ I am yet to taste mushrooms]

Yes .. this is a colorful species… 

Agaricus trisulphuratus


Pholiota flammans ???? Pl validate : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

Friends this fungus is from Satpura Tiger Reserve, pic taken very long back in the year 2012. 
I think this is Pholiota flammans, but not confident, jut on the basis of pics & external appearance, 
Now a days we have many experts in this field.
pl validate. 

efi page on Pholiota flammans 

Agaricus trisulphuratus



Mushroom for ID : Attachments (1). 6 posts by 3 authors.

Could you identify this mushroom for me please?

This is some species of Coprinus sp but not sure about the species 

If on ground, and has a brown hymenium, then Agaricus trisulphuratus.

Place: Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
Date: 15 AUG 09 
… orange coloured mushroom; ID please.

Lepiota spp.

Amanita flavoconia is suggested by …, a flickr friend.
His comments at
Your thoughts.

Thank you very much, …, for getting to the ID.
I have updated my notes.

Agaricus trisulphuratus ?

Yes, A.trisulphuratus



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