Phymatosorus cuspidatus subsp. beddomei (S.R.Ghosh) Fraser-Jenk., Taxon. Revis. Indian Subcontinental Pteridophytes 55 2008. (syn:Microsorum beddomei (S.R.Ghosh) Mazumdar; Microsorum cuspidatum subsp. beddomei (S.R.Ghosh) Fraser-Jenk.; Phymatosorus beddomei S.R. Ghosh);
S. India as per POWO;
S-India as per Catalogue of Life;

Epiphytes or lithophytes with creeping, dark green, branched, rhizome, 2-3 cm thick, apex covered with brownish-black scales. Scales 5 x 5 cm, peltate, rounded in outline, irregular along margins. Fronds 60-80 x 30 cm, simple; stipe 30 x 0.5-0.8 cm, thick, polished; lamina 50-60 x 30 cm, pinnatifid, dark green, coriaceous; rachis dark brownish; lobes 25-30 x 1-2 cm, oblong, acuminate, constricted towards base; wings of costa very narrow; veins indistinct. Sori circular 2-4 mm in diameter in distinct rows. Sporangial capsule 312.5 x 250 µm, ellipsoid, stalk 375 µm long, 3-seriate at apex, rest biseriate. Spores 80 x 50 mm, planoconvex, exine granulose.

Evergreen forests at high altitudes
India (Endemic to Southern India)
(Attributions- K. P. Rajesh as per India Biodiversity Portal);


Microsorum cuspidatum (D.Don) Tagawa SN21420b : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2) – 3 mb each.
Epiphytic wild fern from Western Ghats Tamilnadu.

That’s Microsorum (Phymatosorus) cuspidatum subsp. beddomei – or if you prefer, Microsorum beddomei. It appears to be endemic to south India, bit the S.E. Asian, M. powellii is quite closely related too. There is a slight degree of overlap towards the Himalayan subsp. cuspidatum, but usually they are readily distinguishable. It is not just M. cuspidatum.
   For all Polypodiaceae the rhizome with its scales should be shown.
  They grow it well in the greenhouse In Ootacamund Botanical Garden (which has quite a lot of interesting ferns still – though many more in the past).




POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  Tropicos  IPNI  India Biodiversity Portal  Parathelypteris beddomei

A new combination in Microsorum (Polypodiaceae, Fern). Nelumbo 61(1): 131-132. (Abstract- The endemic fern, Phymatosorus beddomei, was distinguished from Microsorum cuspidatum by its decurrent bases of pinnae on upper part of the frond. Based on updated knowledge of phylogenetic relationships this species is formally transferred to Microsorum)

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