Dischidia bengalensis Colebr., Trans. Linn. Soc. London 12: 357 1818. (syn: Dischidia bengalensis var. cuneifolia (Wall.) Kuntze; Dischidia bengalensis var. spathulata (Blume) Kuntze; Dischidia cuneifolia Wall.; Dischidia loeseneriana Schltr.; Dischidia spatulata Blume);

Java, India (E-Himalaya, NE-India), peninsular Malaysia, S-Myanmar [Burma]
(Taninthayi), Cambodia, Vietnam, Borneo, Moluccas, Sulawesi, Sumatra,
+Singapore, S-Thailand, Nicobar Isl. (Car Nicobar Isl., North Nicobar Isl.,
Central Nicobar Isl., Great Nicobar Isl., Little Nicobar Isl.), Bhutan,
Darjeeling, Bangladesh
as per Catalogue of Life;



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Location : Pokhara, Nepal
Date : 8 August 2017
Elevation : 2600 ft.

Hoya species? 

Could be but no idea!

Yes, should be Hoya

Hoya edenii King ex Hook. f.  ?? 

I think does not matches with images on net like http://plants.jstor.org/stable/10.5555/al.ap.specimen.gh00076427

Hoya arnottiana Wight ??

I think looks different from Hoya arnottiana as per

I feel this could be Dischidia bengalensis Colebr.
Attached is a PDF document that reports its distribution in Nepal. Kindly validate.
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I guess the ID is correct and the specimen images was from Kaski !

Thank you …!


Dischidia bengalensis (Apocynaceae), a New Record for the Flora of Nepal October 2016- Journal of Japanese Botany 91(5):310-313

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