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What is the botanical name of this creaper. It is found only during the monsoon.

This photos are of Selaginella sp a pteridophyte.

Hope u reposted it again … This is Selaginella sp a pteridophyte

Anapulinji in Malayalam

Selaginella tanera or Selaginella miniatospora compare microscopic characters

Is it possible to identify this with these images ?

No, not really identifiable.  The person posting doesn’t know that for Selaginella you must have adult material, not babies like this – as you must see the strobili to see if the sporophylls are isomorphic or dimorphic.
The other thing is there is absolutely zero information concerning where it was from!!  Of course every post MUST say what State it is from as the north Indian flora is quite different from the south!  If someone posts without mentioning the Satet it is best not to even bother to post it on the website as it is a waste  of time.
   If I was absolutely forced to say something about it – without any diagnostic feature shown, nor where it was from – I suppose I might start looking around S. bisulcata or perhaps S. monospora from say Darjeeling or N.E. India somewhere. But it’s pointless to make wild guesses. The person needs to go back a bit later, find fertile material and post again, including the underside of the strobili reasonably close up.
   At least the quality of the photo is good and clear and can be magnified, which is good.
  Is Yazdy a Chinese name?  Could you ask them at least where it was from?  It could be from the flora of outer-space as far as we know!
P.S. in the last photo I think, just possibly, I might be seeing a second small species in addition, remeniscent of S. reticulata – but again unidentifiable as there is a large group of those species, differing from north to south – and I must see the median-leaves on the top clearly, and the strobili.

Thanks a lot, … I think it is from Wayanad, Kerala.

If from Kerala my wild guess was unwise! – and completely wrong!  Must be a baby something else – don’t know what, yet? Is it definitely Wynad/Kerala?

Thanks, … Most likely. However, … may confirm.

Incidentally, about that Selaginella, seeing as it is a south Indian one, I’d start looking in about the S. praetermissa, S. intermedia sort of area. Even perhaps a baby inaequalifolia. But first you have to wait a few months until it has grown full-size and developed its strobili well- then try again.


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