Any idea of the identity of the mushrooms on the elephant dropping?

This fungi is probably Conocybe tenera !! I will make an earnest request to you and all others who are interested in posting or are already posting mushroom and lichen photos to kindly provide a larger photos, with close-up and also attach the photos of the gills. It is really hard to identify mushroom and lichens from photos and if the photos are inadequate the ID may be ambiguous or wrong. Hope you will help me !!!!

there are two mushrooms in the photo and I think both are different variety as color of both mushroom is different.

You are correct. In fact I have seen so many different types of mushrooms on elephant dropping. Quite often you are not equipped to
get a picture.

It is hard to identify these mushrooms as they are not clear. At least the srface and the undersurface should be clear in order to identify.

Could be anything.
I can’t even see the lamellae.
Please get some good images (which is not bleached, or in natural light, or you can use a diffuser on your flash).

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