Pandanus nepalensis St. John, Bot. Mag. Tokyo 85: 254, f. 7-8 (1972). as per efi thread;
Attached images are Pandanus sp. (?)Please ID for it.

Date : 21.12.2012

Location: Kamrup district

Family : Pandanaceae

Genus & species : Pandanus sp. (?)

Habitat: Grows wild on. roky area near the stream.

Habit : Herb
Leaf : Spine present on one side of the margin.
Flower : Not seen

In my opinion, it is Pandanus polycephalus

The species is belong to genus Pandanus Only. 
Name of species is Pandanus nepalensis

Why WCSP and Catalogue of Life give Pandanus nepalensis H.St.John as syn. of Pandanus furcatus Roxb.?

Actually that is mistake. Pandanus furcatus found only in southern India. And nepalensis in North eastern region. 
Details you will get in Indian pandanaceae book. 



efi thread  GBIF (High resolution specimens) High
resolution specimen  Annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal  WCSP  Catalogue of Life  

Indian Pandanaceae – an overview By Altafhusain Nadaf, Rahul Zanan (2013)

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