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These brownish white mushrooms found close together have sprouted in a day. Their were no trace of any of them in the previous day. 

All that happened was a good summer rains in the night which brought about this change. In some of  these picture we can also see the  fruit body development from the button stage to the matured.

Date/Time :

07 May 2010 06:31PM

 Location- Place, altitude and GPS:

 Chandagal Village, Mysore district

 Habitat- garden/ urban/wild/type:

Village, along the farm wild vegetation


Plant Habit-tree/shrub/climber/herb:

 Mushroom, Decaying leaves 


~ 3 inches width 

 Mushroom Cap (Pileus) Shape/ color 

5 cms, conical, Bell shaped and / White/brown/ 

 Stipe/ Stalk/Stem-/colour/height/

 White, 6cms


 gills – Brown/white

 Annular ring  

Not observed
Volva White, 

I hope the mushroom is Pleuteus longistriatus see the mature basidiocarp on he first picture the stipe is light pink in colour where as its powdery white in young ones the reason is “the mature mushroom is dispersing spores which is pink in colour and it sticks to the powdery surface of the stipe turning it pink with maturity”. I really appreciate your angles of photography this type of photographs help in ID a lot when it comes to mushroom and lichens.

Thanks for the identifying this mushroom – Pleuteus longistriatus.

The stalk/stipe color changes  because of the pink spore dispersal on it is really an enchanting learning, This means the spores should be truly microscopic in nature to give that fine finish to the stipe. Coherent and logical. After all, its nature’s wonderful handiwork!
I appreciate people studying mushrooms.

Spores are always microscopic and, the colour the spore sometimes determines a species in fungi !!! hence identification of fungi from photo is really a hard task if not seen with own eyes. This is the reason why fungal taxonomist use spore print. I am attaching a photo of how take a spore print of a mushroom you can try it out next time when you seen a mature mushroom. You will really have fun doing this small experiment with your house hold things!!


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