Dactylicapnos arunachalensis Lidén & M.K.Pathak, Nordic J. Bot. 32(2): 183 (2014);
NE-India (Arunachal Pradesh) as per Catalogue of Life;



D. arunachalensis (photo Pathak) : 1 post by 1 author. 1 image- 4.9 mb.



D. arunachalensis photo Pathak : 1 post by 1 author. 1 image- 2.3 mb. 


D. arunachalensis : 5 images- around 2.8 mb each.



Studies in Dactylicapnos (Papaveraceae-Fumarioideae) part II. Revision of Dactylicapnos sect. Pogonosperma sect. nov., with D. arunachalensis sp. nov (Abstract- Dactylicapnos sect. Pogonosperma Lidén & M. K. Pathak sect. nov. is established and revised based on morphology, and found to include four species: D. gaoligongshanensis from west Yunnan, D. arunachalensis Lidén & M. K. Pathak sp. nov., endemic to central Arunachal Pradesh, D. grandifoliolata (syn. D. ventii) and D. paucinervia (K. R. Stern) Lidén & M. K. Pathak comb. nov., the two latter species widespread in the east Himalayas)