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I am looking for the English equivalent of the name of a plant in Gujarati: ગબડી
Gujarati dictionaries say it is the name of a “vanaspati”. The context leads me to believe that it is an oil bearing plant.
A translation of the same would help a lot.

गुजराती शब्द कोष से (भगवद गो मंडल)  जो ओनलाइन अवेलेबल हैं उसमें पांच हजार पेज है उसमें केवल इतना विवरण मिलता है कि गबडी नामका पेड़ होता है,, अगर ग की जगह प होता तो पबडी जंगली बादाम को कहते हैं

Thank you very much …
I tried my level best with available resources in the morning; and as you pointed out – the name ગબડી gabadi is listed as a plant in online dictionary Gujarati Lexicon, and offers no other clue.

Many thanks for your kind suggestion and the trouble you and … took. I think you are right since it is part of a set of oil bearing plants and nuts. I will go for wild almond, if you feel it sound right.

My thanks in fact to you and the helpful people on the site who took all the pains to go through the Bhagavat Gomandal: a voluminous set of books: the only encyclopaedia in Gujarati. I had checked in the Gujarati lexicon for the meaning, but could not get the exact equivalent.

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