Mushroom from Kabini river banks, Bawali, 
In summer, Kabini river flows calm and composed  in the Bawali forest range (Nagarahole). The tree shades, the sand banks and  the old bridge tempted us as an ideal place for our lunch break. These cream/white mushrooms were found here growing on the bovine dungs. One of the old  Kuruba tribal women on a look out for crabs among the rock crevices said these mushrooms are non edible. They are conversant with either state languages.
The  three tribal kuruba communities in this part are known Kaadu kuruba (forest dwellers, hunters) , Jenu Kuruba (these tribes are fond of honey hence the name), Betta (Mountain) kuruba. They are a mine of information,  knowledgeable about the many trees that grows around them. 
Pls check this link
(Tree identifications from the forest tribal boys, year 2006)

Date/Time :

14th May 2010, 03:12PM

Location- Place, altitude and GPS:

Bawali,  Kakanakote, Kuruvadweepa, Karnataka-Kerala forest

Habitat- garden/ urban/wild/type:

Wild, Kabini river. Forest

Plant Habit-tree/shrub/climber/herb:

Mushroom, fallen / decaying leaves, growing on bovine dung


~ 3 cms  

Mushroom Cap (Pileus) Shape/ color 

3 cms,  Cream white

Stipe/ Stalk/Stem-/colour/height/

 Dark grey 


Gills – grey/white

Annular ring  

Not observed
Volva White

I think this is some species of Psilocybe . Good possibility of being Psilocybe moravica!!

Psilocybe ?


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