Efloraofindia is helping in discovering new species, an example of that can be this post by Lalithamba ji:

Submission of Dendrophthoe cuneata  
This post was forwarded to the author in Sept. 2016 and a new species which appears to be same has been published as below:
A new species of genus Dendrophthoe Mart. (Lorantheae-Loranthaceae) from the Peninsular India : Lal Ji Singh, Vinay Ranjan, L. Rasingam, J. Swamy- Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity (2020):
Abstract: Dendrophthoe gamblei (Loranthaceae), a new species from the Peninsular India is described and illustrated along with conservation status. Apparently new species is similar to Dendrophthoe memecylifolia (Wight and Arn.) Danser, but strictly differs in respect to its morphology of vegetative and floral characters. A taxonomic key to the species of Dendrophthoe Mart. from India is also provided.
There are numerous instances, both documented and undocumented, where such publications had been made though members posted these species much earlier (which remained either unidentified or wrongly identified).

Thank you Garg Ji, Prof.Pullaiah has inquired about this finding and written a paper on this species, I will let you whether it is published or not.