Entoloma flavoquadratum C.K.Pradeep & K.B.Vrinda?;



SK1790 16 Feb 2019 – Mycophyta : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)- around 750 kb each.

Location: Chobhar, Nepal
Date: 9 August 2018
Altitude: 1330 m.

Habit : Wild

1790, … are Hygrocybe spp.

If you need correct identity of the species, as I said earlier, herbarium specimens along with all relevant morphological data are highly essential. 

From … in another thread:

287-8: Das könnte einer aus der Dachpilz-Verwandtschaft sein

May relate to Pluteus as per

Cf. Entoloma flavoquadratum.
Pluteus has free lamellae while Entoloma attached.


Catalogue of Life  Research Gate  Additions to the quadrate-spored Entoloma (Agaricales) in Kerala State, India- Pradeep CK*, Vrinda KB, Bijeesh and Baroni- Mycosphere 7 (5): 642–648 (2016) 

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