Schulzia dissecta (C.B.Cl.) C.Norman, J. Bot. 76: 231 1938. (syn: Aulacospermum dissectum (C.B.Cl.) U.Dhar, P.Kachroo & A.R.Naqshi; Trachydium dissectum C.B.Cl.)?;
S-Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Chumbi, Sikkim, Pakistani Kashmir (Baltistan, Deosai,
Astor), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir), India (Himalayas)
as per Catalogue of Life;



unknown umbellifers : 17 posts by 4 authors. 1 image.

Does someone know the name of this Umbellifera?
Sherpaland (green track)
I would be very grateful

I tried to find a match as per comparative images at Apiaceae
May be Seseli or some other genus.
Do you have any other images ?

Any idea bout the genus ?

Aulacospermum (syn Trachydium), I guess.. 

Thanks a lot! Can the be plant present itself as a mini-plant?

The photos I saw were much bigger!

Trachydium rubrinerve Franch.  ??
Syn : Physospermopsis rubrinervis (Franch.) C.Norman 

I think looks different as per GBIF

Also looks different from Aulacospermum roylei, represented in efi site so far.

Also does not seem to match as per Physospermopsis obtusiuscula (DC.) C.Norman

I think appears closer to Schulzia dissecta (C.B.Clarke) C.Norman, but posted altitude may be lower. 

I agree that all Schulzia spp are reported from high alpine areas (>4000 m). This requires fresh collection and further examination.

Thanks a lot to everybody.

Does that make any sense?

Which specimen are you talking about ?
Pl. see specimens at Schulzia dissecta (C.B.Clarke) C.Norman

I am sorry; I don not look well at the flow of messages.

This should be the one, indeed