Within a short period of a month, we have found that three new species has been published, much after there postings in efloraofindia, as below:  

Mostly authors were aware of the postings on efloraofindia.  
This only goes on show that lot of species has already been published by various authors, which initially could not be identified here in efloraofindia.
As you are aware, efloraofindia maintains records of all our posts very systematically, even those of unidentified ones as well as those wrongly identified. And all this is very easily available even on simple google search, all over the world. Now a days, lot of taxonomists all over the world, can easily check these observations in efloraofindia (as being meticulously arranged) and appearing in top 10 results.   
All this establishes us as a Premier site on efloraofindia for taxonomists world over.

Yes, … It has become possible due to your painstaking efforts and collections and listings by the members. 

Kudos to ALL.

That is true …, due your dedicated systematic efforts.

Thank you very much, …, for working tirelessly.
Salutes to your hard work.

Indeed a tireless efforts of yours !
Kudos !

All this is really really remarkable, your sincere and sustained efforts are paying off now..

Thanks … for all the pains taken during all these years..

eFI is a big treasure for taxonomists in my opinion. Many of us have seen many live species which were otherwise only seen in the form of herbarium specimens. eFI is unignorable, unavoidable now. No surprise, many new species will be discovered on this platform. I am waiting for the species which is even named after this database or the leader of this ‘carvan’, …

Rightly said, …

Great news indeed.

yes, I agree with …, I have approached BSI Hyd circle for the id of my collection of Dendrophthoe gambleii in 2015, then it was misidentified by me and posted in efi, it is only through the relentless efforts of … we could match it with newly identified species. I am also waiting to see … name at least for one plant species.

Very nice words from …
Indeed, it will be a great honour to have a new species named for …!!

This is good news.
Of course, this forum would facilitate in finding many more such interesting publications.