Schoenoplectus litoralis (Schrad.) Palla, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 10: 299 1888. (syn: Eleogiton litoralis (Schrad.) Fourr.; Heleogiton litorale (Schrad.) Rchb.; Malacochaete lehmannii Nees ex Boeckeler; Malacochaete litoralis (Schrad.) Nees; Pterolepis litoralis (Schrad.) M.R.Almeida; Schoenoplectus litoralis subsp. litoralis ; Schoenoplectus philippii (Tineo) Pignatti; Scirpus aegyptiacus Decne.; Scirpus arabicus Ehrenb. ex Boeckeler; Scirpus arrhenopogon Hochst. ex C.B.Clarke [Invalid]; Scirpus balearicus Willd. ex Kunth; Scirpus desprauxii Steud.; Scirpus fimbrisetus Delile; Scirpus litoralis Schrad.; Scirpus litoralis var. foliosus Jahand., Maire & Weiller; Scirpus litoralis var. philippii (Tineo) Nyman; Scirpus littoralis subsp. philippii (Tineo) K.Richt.; Scirpus philippii Tineo; Scirpus plumosus R.Br.; Scirpus tabernaemontani Salzm. ex Ball [Invalid]; Scirpus triqueter Godr.);

Temp. Eurasia to Africa as per WCSP;

Afghanistan; Albania; Algeria; Assam; Austria; Baleares; Bangladesh; Benin;
Bulgaria; Burkina; Burundi; China North-Central; China South-Central; Comoros;
Congo; Corse; Djibouti; East Aegean Is.; Gabon; Gambia; Ghana; Greece; Guinea;
Guinea-Bissau; Hungary; India; Inner Mongolia; Iran; Iraq; Italy; Kazakhstan;
Kirgizstan; Kriti; Krym; Lebanon-Syria; Libya; Madagascar; Mongolia; Morocco;
North Caucasus; Oman; Pakistan; Palestine; Portugal; Qinghai; Romania; Rwanda;
Saudi Arabia; Senegal; Sicilia; Sierra Leone; Spain; Tadzhikistan;
Transcaucasus; Tunisia; Turkey; Turkey-in-Europe; Turkmenistan; Ukraine;
Uzbekistan; West Himalaya; Xinjiang; Yemen; Yugoslavia; Zare
as per Catalogue of Life;



Cyperaceae from MB, Morena, M.P 06062017 : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)

Need ID of Cyperaceae member from Morena, M.P

DOP: 06 June 2017

Perhaps Schoenoplectus sp. Compare with local flora record.

Could it be Bolboschoenus species ?

What are the species listed in your local flora.
Can it be Schoenoplectus subulatus (Vahl) Lye as per images and details herein ? 

Thanks … Only Schoenoplectus littoralis listed under mentioned genus as per local flora record is it same sp,?

May be as per GBIFSpecimen.
However, only experts can confirm.


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