SK1856 22 April 2019 – Mycophyta : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)

Location:  Nagarjun Forest reserve, Kathmandu
Date: 20 April 2019
Elevation: 1670 m.

Habit : Wild

Can it be from Psathyrellaceae family as per representative images herein ?

Same as Coprinellus disseminatus (Pers.) J. E. Lange again but this one is more shiny and looks more slippery ?? 

What are the species of Coprinellus reported in your book ?

C. disseminates and C. micaceous.

Does not appear to match with either of the two.

Mycena, please collect, preserve well and tag them.
Maybe we can work on them someday

Thank you … I may have to wait for next season.
Please advise me some guidelines to preserve specimen!

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