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A journey inspired by the book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” and started on 18th June 2007 has become 13 years old. It is no more a solitary affair, rather, has grown into a huge carvan. Today on 17th June 2020 eFI (efloraofindia: Database of Plants of Indian Subcontinent- developed by the members of Efloraofindia Google Group) has grown up to 13 years, now a teenager with enormous potential. It has attracted the attention of amateurs and professionals, naturalists, flora photographers, ecologists, students, teachers, taxonomists, in fact people from all walks of life; it is a non-ignorable treasure of plant diversity of Indian subcontinent. More than half of the wild flowering plant wealth of Indian subcontinent is displayed on the pages of eFI in the form of lively images. Owing to its extensive coverage it is becoming more and more visible to the people world over.

     Presently, more than 13,000 species are displayed with more than 3,00,000 vivid images taken by members of this group. To be more apt these images are arranged on family, genera and species pages to offer comparative view and to facilitate easy identification. More than 255 families and more than 2800 genera of seed plants (Angiosperms and Gymnosperms) are showcased in eFI today. eFI database is founded on 30 strong Pillars, more than 50 dedicated Subject Experts, more than 325 Major Contributors, more than 10,000 previous and existing members and well managed by about 32 Moderators.

    eFI is not restricted to Flowering Plants (Angiosperms) and Gymnosperms, but also contains identified images of many Pteridophytes, Bryophytes, Algae and Fungi.

     Unidentified images on eFI pages are a treasure trove to taxonomists and pose a challenge to explore. Few have already turned out to be new species, new records to the country, extremely rare species not collected since a long time or species photographed for the first time ever.  

     eFI database is a result of selfless teamwork during these 13 years and the motto is “display every plant species of India”. Members from different parts of India and adjacent countries have enriched this resource. It is time to salute team-eFI (PillarsSubject ExpertsModeratorsMajor Contributors and members) for untiring efforts to showcase plant diversity of Indian Subcontinent and offering it free to all the nature lovers of the world.    

Thanks, … Wonderful written. Nobody can match your words. 
We are now in our teens. Looks like efloraofindia is a genius or a prodigy at this young age of 13.

All the best for efloraofindia Forum for the completion of 13 years of active growth and being useful to the whole world. Appreciations and congratulations 🏆🎈😁👏👏👏

I was listening to a lecture given by Sishant Singh Rajput in 2016 in SJMSOM, IIT, Mumbai, a few moments ago.
Key words were:
The Biggest Lie is that you will get Happiness by earning money and fame.
And The Biggest Truth is that you will get Happiness when passionately involved in the role and do not come to know how the time has flown away.
For me and for many others, when we are involved in efloraofindia, we do not know how the time flies away.

Well said, …

Well said …  This eFI database is almost like an encyclopedia. This also turned out to be a gateway for describing new sp. Good going.

Hearty congratulations to one and all.

It is really great to be here, well expressed …

I wish all the family a brighter future..!!

Very well said, … Wonderful !! eFI is one of the best thing to happen to all of us. I am lucky to be with this group.

Happy birthday efl.

it gave structure to an old interest.
and made it much more educative and interactive

Very well described journey of efloraofindia …, your tireless efforts and capability of binding together and balancing interactions of nonbotanist nature lovers, experts of different geographical regions, group experts and new entrants has been unparalleled. The compilation phase initiated a few years ago has really been a highlight of this noble adventure. We salute your dedication and persistence with more and more experts lending you a helping hand. 

      Congratulations to all who have played their part during 13 years of this great journey. 

Thanks, …
I will say it has been an outstanding effort by the efloraofindia team.

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