Thirteen years back, on this day “efloraofindia” was started as “indiatreepix” and I must say that it has been a long journey since day one. Although I joined late, I couldn’t, even in my dreams, imagine, how a small tireless band of individuals were managing this group in the beginning. And then gradually more and more people joined in, contributing actively. Although some like me kept silent for some time, we kept our eyes open because we knew the strength of this selfless, tireless effort, is going to be fruitful in the coming years. With legends like …, and many world class subject experts on the group, this group or better say, FAMILY, has prospered. 

Currently we have a huge database of around 13,000 species represented by around 2,50,000 unique photographs, being backed up by a family size of over 3,000 members. This is indeed ONE OF THE BEST EXAMPLES OF COLLABORATION OF CITIZEN SCIENTISTS in the world that, till date, remains a fundless effort. I just can’t recall any such platform in the whole world, where no money is involved. This platform has been an important source not only for Indian flora but also for neighbouring countries and accordingly qualified scientists have even started to cite our googlesite. At the same time this group has also contributed in the publications of new records and new species which is another level of achievement. 
My urge is now for all the members to contribute actively and make this 14th year memorable for all of us and let this dreamchild of ours grow further. 

Very well said, …

Well said … This is indeed an unique group, where in we have field and subject experts, nature lovers, trekkers and mountaineers, school and college teachers, etc.. This group has connected well with one and all and the outcome is something which cannot be described in words.

On my pers. front, i had made many friends due to this forum, which is a big treasure for me.

Even during this lockdown period, our group was reasonably active, that is something great.

Great achievement. Unique database on plant wealth.

Motivating story, …

Well said …!

I feel so great to be a part of this wonderful family. Congratulations to all members for their efforts. 
Undoubtedly we have a long way to go. I wish this family a very very happy birthday!

Very true.

Aptly said …

Efloraofindia databse is now a teenager with enormous potential. The power of selfless collaboration of scientists and flora photographers is reflected here. 
Admiringly, each and every person of this family wish to make this a complete virtual flora of Indian Subcontinent…. my salutations to Team-Efloraofindia

Truly a great journey of 13 years, a true learning experience which brought home the fact that a degree or being a subject expert is not enough. … and others have taught us that a connection with the plants in field is more important for knowing our plants thoroughly. I still remember the day that a contact on TAXACOM email group advised me to join this group. I was really impressed with the enthusiasm in the group, forceful frank discussions, a learning experience for all of us. Subject experts and experts from premier institutes kept on joining us and enriching our knowledge.

    It indeed has been a great teamwork with … spearheading the great noble venture.

Yes, Sir 

It was a great learning experience at efloraofindia. 

Your just being here itself keeps this group blessed.
Thank you for the free tuition on Indian plants you have provided here for the past 13 years !!

Its very nice to see the continuous and sincere efforts put by members, experts that led to the glorious path. We have a huge collection of flora from different areas which is possible because of members from each part of the country.
I wish many more of such successful years for our unique group.

It is indeed a pleasure to be in this group. After a journey of 13 years, the group has really acquired the energy and pace of a teenage. Ever since I was motivated to join this group, by Balkar Ji in 2010, my faith and interest in the group discussions never declined. 

I know it will go a long way, and the way it is being nurtured by …, the day is not far when it will be most reliable database of plant wealth of India. 
I congratulate the entire family on 13th Birthday of efloraofindia, and wish for tremendous growth in future. 
I am proud to be one of the members, and whatever contribution I could make till now, I am happy that it is shared with the best people of world. 
I feel inspired and honoured to be in the same group with the stalwarts of Botany, Taxonomy and dedicated nature lovers.
Happy Birthday efloraofindia..!!
My Best Wishes to all the members, moderators, subject experts, pillars and the founders….!!!

Excellent submission …

We also hope that we continue to find gems like … and so many others as pointed out by …

Just wanted to share this paragraph devoted to efloraofindia in 4Th edition of my book “Plant Systematics:  An Integrated Approach” An International version published in June 2019, and Indian version “Plant Systematics: Theory and Practice” to be released next month.
“Last few years have seen the spurt of internet-based exchange of information. Efloraofindia (formerly Indiantreepix) is one of the biggest non-commercial website, based on photographic collection of plants. It is documenting flora of India that is being discussed on efloraofindia google e-group, devoted to creating awareness, helping in identification, discussion and documentation of Indian Flora. It also has the largest database on net on Indian Flora with more than 12,000 species (along with more than 3,00,000 pictures). It also includes species from other parts of the world.”

Good to see that.

A very happy birthday to efloraofindia !!
Well said … and all dear friends. Every contributor here, whether seeking ID or getting knowledge related to any doubt OR providing ID, clarity towards solving queries, OR building content, database, is guaranteed to get satisfaction. …, followed by many selfless minds, I find them giving their best to resolve all open posts.
Thorough and critical validation of posts is a big plus towards a reliable database. Those with studious minds will find it to their advantage.
I am very lucky to be in this group. I find it a perfect place for living my passion.
Thanks to all, I look forward to this group growing rich with more members, and more knowledge.

Long Live Efloraofindia, 

As … said we are the Best group with respect to database 
Great source for identifation of plants and discussion about it
It will always keep on growing and blooming with guidance of …, with efforts of … & all members
Group will cultivate love for flora and plant taxinomy in minds of students 

well said …, happy to be with efi and it is the great leadership quality of … to build, to grow, to nourish to prosper successfully besides many selfless noble warriors of this group

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